The Mediterranean is “heating up”! Sudden mission of Russian navy squadron

Nuclear hunters across the USS Harry S. Truman

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Let’s go for a new solid “match” in the Mediterranean. More recent information says that Russia is sending a much larger naval squadron as it sailed from the Black Sea to two destroyer ships, along with ships of the Baltic Fleet and two nuclear-powered submarines.

A total of 2 Akula II and 2 Improvised Kilo submarines have been reported.

Beforehand, Project 1135M BSF Krivak II, Pytlivy 868, and Project61BSF Kashin Destroyer, Smetlivy 870, were found in the Straits.

As mentioned earlier, the frigate of missiles “Yaroslav the Wise” comes with the submarines and the Lena tanker. It is stressed that this ship is at the forefront of the ships of the Russian Navy’s constant combat readiness, around the world

The ship has Cruise missiles and is designed for search, tracking, and tracking enemy submarines. It has modern weapon systems and large anti-submarine capabilities at sea, anti-ship missiles as well as electronic warfare systems.

Outside of Syria, the frigates “Admiral Essen” and “Admiral Grigorovich” have long been in existence with an anti-submarine ship.

The reason is, of course, the arrival of the US aircraft carrier along with USS Battle Team Harry S. Truman, which includes:

USS Normandy (CG-60), and USS Class Arleigh Burke (DDG-51), USS Bulkeley (DDG-84), USS Farragut (DDG-99), USS Forrest Sherman DDG-68) and USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG-81).

So Russia is preparing for every chance, either new chemical provocation and a new NATO intervention, or a destruction operation of the Syrian S-300 with Russian collateral losses, so we will be involved there.

Smetlivy is a mid-size Kashin Project 61M Destroyer class last in the Russian Navy classes and belongs to the Black Sea Fleet force.

The crew of the vessel consists of 266 people and its post-modern reinforcement, which was essentially driven by the incorporation of surface-to-surface missile capabilities and the reinforcement of the electronic warfare sector, consists of a 76mm double-gun type AK-726, two double launchers Sa-N-1 Goa, which is the naval version of the S-125 with 32 missiles, a 533mm torpedo launcher, two RBU-6000 two-shot launchers, 2 quadrilateral surface-surface missile launchers Kh-35, and ASW helicopter type Ka-27.

The Admiral Grigorovich frigate was delivered to service on March 10, 2016 by Yantar yard in Kaliningrad and is the first of a total of 6 Project 11356 frigates, three of which will be delivered by 2017.

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The frigate is a displacement of 3,850 tons and a crew of 200 people and has a new generation of electronic attack, surveillance and defense systems as well as weapon systems.

More specifically, the frigates of the type using a COGAG propulsion system with a total capacity of 69,000hp have a total length of 124.8m. width 15.2 and draft 4.2 m. can achieve maximum autonomy of 30 days or 4,850 nm. at an economic speed of 14 knots, with maximum speed reaching 30 knots.

Design features include thermal, acoustic and radar reduction characteristics.

Its armament is capable of dealing with every threat and consists of a 100mm A-190 gun, an 8-shot UKSK VLS launcher for Kalibr and 3M55 Oniks cruise missiles, two 12-inch Shtil-1 VLS missile launchers, two Kashtan CIWS systems, 8 Igla- 1E (SA-16), two 533mm double torpedo tubes and a RBU-6000 anti-submarine missile launcher, and has a helicopter shed and helicopter for a Ka-27PL or Ka-31 helicopter.

The most lethal Russian systems in the area are the Akula II underwater submarines that have a total displacement of 13,400 to 13,800 tons and a length of 110 m, and in their armor except the cruise missiles Kalibr have 4 torpedo tubes of 533 mm. and 4 650 miles. With about 40 torpedoes stock.

Nuclear submarines, which are considered among the world’s finest submarines and belong to the improved Akula II type, are double-hulled, 13,400-tonne displacement of 110m. with a crew of 62 people have a OK-659M nuclear reactor that through the steam generators drive the submarine through a 7-prop propeller achieving speeds of 35 knots while they can dive to depths of up to 520m.

Their reinforcement consists of 4 533 mm torpedo tubes for 28 torpedoes and Kalibr missiles and 4 650 mm torpedo tubes for 12 heavy duty torpedoes or additional cruise missiles and three MANPADS IGLA launchers for 18 missiles.

In addition to their very low acoustic performance, their equipment consists of active and passive sonar with side layout devices as well as mine detection sonar and a complete suite of electropic sensors and radar in the form of periscope.

Improved Kilo submarines such as those received by the Black Sea Fleet belong to Project 636 and have a displacement of 3950 tons, 74m long. crew of 52 people, while in 6 533mm torpedoes 18 can be launched either torpedoes or new Kalibr missiles. Finally, each submarine carries a SA-N-10 MANPADS launcher with 8 missiles.

Translated from Penta Postagma.

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