The planet onhold: US and Russia on the verge of a military conflict over Syria

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ATHENS, Greece – The two superpowers, the United States and Russia, are increasingly coming close to a military conflict in Syria after the latest chemical attack in the city of Duma to the east of Damascus city center, with Washington opening the possibility of bombing, and Moscow warning with serious consequences of such an evolution.

Indicative statements by Donald Trumb just before the meeting with the heads of the US Armed Forces. “We will make a decision today or very soon. And you will all know it. But we can not allow atrocities like the one we have seen … we can not allow these to happen. We have many military options. And we’ll let you know very soon “.

At the same wavelength is US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nicki Haley. “We have come to a point where people should see justice,” he said at the Security Council meeting, adding: “History will record this until the Security Council either does its duty or show the full and his complete failure to protect the people of Syria. In any case, the United States will respond. ”

Haley called for a vote in the United Nations Security Council on the US draft decision to launch a new investigation into who is responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The US Permanent Representative to the United Nations distributed a revised draft decision to the 15 Member States, which is a new version of a previous text proposed on 1 March.

The draft UN Security Council resolution on the alleged chemical weapons attack in the city of Duma, Syria, which drafted and suggested the United States, contains “unacceptable elements” that will make things worse, Russian Ambassador told the United Nations, Vasily Nebenziya.

Asked about the DPA meeting of the attack that was reported to have been done with chemical weapons on Saturday at Duda, namely whether the US is in favor of the choice of diplomacy or military action, the Russian diplomat replied, “I am afraid that they are seeking more military choice, which is too risky. ” “There will be serious consequences” if there is a military action, the Russian diplomat said.

The US State Department said the symptoms of the victims of the chemical attack on Duma corresponded to a suffocating factor or a neurotoxic agent and called on Syria and Russia to open the zone to international observers.

“The chemical weapons attack took place in an area where the Syrian regime is operating in Duma, where regime forces are trying to evict the opposition. The forces of the Syrian regime and its allies are denied access to international observers in the Duma area, “sources of the State Department told Reuters.

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“The symptoms presented by victims in Duma, according to trusted medical experts and as seen in social media and videos, correspond to a suffocating factor or some kind of neurotoxic agent,” the sources said.

However, the Kremlin has denied this information and denied that the Syrian government was using chemical weapons. Russian President Vladimir Putin himself spoke by telephone with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and referred to “unacceptable provocations and rumors,” referring to the chemical attack on the city of Duma.

According to the Russian agency Interfax, the Russian army “has not traced signs of a chemical attack on the city.” The Russian defense ministry announced that Russian military doctors who examined patients in the hospital of Duma found no symptoms of chemical poisoning, according to the Russian news agency.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Trump were again reported during their telephone conversations in the attacks, for which the two leaders want a “strong reaction” from the international community, Paris announced in a statement released at night Monday to Tuesday.

For the second time in two days, the presidents of France and the United States discussed by phone the “developments following the chemical weapons attacks on April 7 against the Duma population in East Ghouta and the ongoing discussions in the Council Security “, the French presidency said.

Translated from Penta Postagma.

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