There is no reason for sanctions, only that Russia is Russia – Zakharova

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The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the West is imposing new sanctions against Russia not because of the alleged interference in the elections in the US in 2016, and not because of the referendum of the Crimean peninsula.

“How many years have passed since they told us that this is because of the Crimea,  we are in this mode roughly from 2011-2012. We did not interfere with the elections – it is not connected either with the Crimea or Ukraine, it’s just such a strategy, the game is “pressure Russia,” Zakharova said.

Sanctions are necessary so that society is in a condition of disunity, so that constantly “there were internal fights”. “What’s desirable is that we are impoverished … That’s when all of us are friends, that’s when we are all pleased and everybody likes us,” she added.

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Zakharova stressed that Russia’s goal is cooperation. “Every time we say that we stand for a constructive dialogue, each time we say that we are ready to negotiate: Where is the anti-Western course, where is the aggression?” – she noted.

Expansion of US sanctions

The US Ministry of Finance on Friday expanded sanctions against Russia, adding 24 officials and businessman, as well as 14 companies to their “bad guys” list.

Washington calls these measures “a signal for Moscow.” The US administration explained that the decision was not connected with specific events, but was the answer to “continuing and increasingly shameless trends of Russia’s behavior around the world.”


Source RIA
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