This is Erdogan’s plan – War with Greece

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ATHENS, Greece – It is a fact that the Greeks are guided by our “phobic syndromes”. Beyond the fact that we do not agree anywhere, even if it is simple things. This is all the more so when the issue concerns a national affair, and cooperation should be considered as self-evident and given.

The worst of all is the politicians. They play the ultimate theater, it gets to be seen when they try to make statements. They can try to say the same phrase 20 times just because they do not get out … angry at the TV glass. And then they can get angry the rival and go for tsipouro [alcoholic drink] in Kessariani square.

Since the summer of 2016, when the eight Turkish officers arrived in Greece trampled by Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s assailants, who consider them “couples”, the president of Turkey has a candy that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras promised to send him a package to Ankara , where public awe and death are, of course, waiting for them.

Even infants know that International Law and especially that the European Union protects those who are in danger of being deported if they are deported to any country. Especially in Turkey, Mr. Erdogan, where fear and terror prevail. The country has become a vast prison …

All this time, I thought it was the Prime Minister’s duty to be placed in this heavy class, but many people – even Mr Tsipra’s opponents – said they should not enter this process and play the game of its Islamist president of Turkey. Well… Acceptable justification, I would say … In addition, in Greece, independent Justice decides, which is hardly affected. It is possible in such a serious matter, concerning human lives, that the judges hear everyone, even the Prime Minister. I will answer no, no.

The fact that Mr. Tsipras did not respond to the Turkish president has raised the issue, and the well-known “judges” of the Internet and politicians believed Mr. Erdogan and not the prime minister of Greece. I give up. What else can I say; I personally do not know the content of the two leaders’ conversation, and if I have to choose to believe someone, he will not be Mr. Erdogan.

On Sunday, and after the new delirium of the President and the Prime Minister of Turkey, Maximos’s Palace responded.

And he answered hard. As he should have done from the first moment. But it had been decided not to maintain the tension that the Turks were constantly creating.

Some of ours stood in the word “Sultan” used by the Prime Minister’s Press Office. Well, they used it well. To “sanctify” their mouth. Because he accurately described the President of Turkey. A man who touched – and surpassed – the limits of schizophrenia, a leader threatening to fire the whole region and occupy Greek lands.

Greece does not threaten Turkey. In fact, it can not threaten it. Nor does the economic crisis allow it, but there is no reason, in the sense that only madmen do wars. But if Mr Erdogan gets to the extreme, Greece has to defend itself. It is a duty.

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I disagree with the challenges at all levels and I do not agree with Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, who maintains the tensions that the Turks cause.

Yes, I accept that he is the competent Minister of the Armed Forces…

Yes, I accept that he must keep up the morale of officers and soldiers.

However, due to the above reasons, he participates in a game of tension, initiated and maintained by the Turks.

Erdogan and members of his Islamist clique are looking for excuses to beat the Aegean and Cypriot waters. Let us not delude. That’s the plan.

Due to participation in NATO, Greece and Turkey, the Turkish president knows that it is not easy, because there are laws and rules in the Atlantic Alliance. But there is no one in Cyprus to stop it unless Israel and Egypt decide that the game is geo-political and geostrategic, and its attack on the island also affects their own interests. In this case, things change radically …

However, with Erdogan in the leadership of Turkey, the tension will not decrease, but it will grow dangerously. The man is of the limbs and showed that he does not stop even in front of the fire. On the contrary, the fire nourishes his sick selfishness.

Greece must respond to it and support its interests. But we must avoid the maintenance of tension, which creates the very basis of a plan, which aims at the creation of a war crisis …

Translated from Hellas Journal.

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