Thousands demonstrate after Houthi political chief al-Samad killed in Saudi airstrike in Yemen

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HODEIDAH, Yemen – ‘The March of Guns’ was launched on Wednesday in Hodeidah to honor former Houthi political leader Saleh al-Samad who was killed in Saudi-led airstrike last Thursday.

Thousands chanted with rifles as well as held Yemeni flags and banners, calling for freedom against the US policy in the region.

“We came to Hodeidah to confront the American Zionists and the Saudis with our weapons and we will confront them to liberate Hodeidah,” one demonstrator said.

Saleh al-Samad was allegedly killed in an air raid with his six companions on the way to meeting with local officials last Thursday in Hodeidah.

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The Saudi-led bombing campaign continues in Yemen with US backing. The United Nations estimated that more than 10,000 have been killed and more than three million people have been displaced since beginning of the war in March 2015.


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