Turkish Ambassador to the EU: Rock islands are “gray” areas, there is no formal delimitation!

Flowers and flags are challenging!


ATHENS, Greece – Faruk Kaimaktsi says “flowers, flags or picnics on these rocky islands are challenges”

Oil on the fire of Greek-Turkish relations is being interviewed by Turkey’s permanent ambassador to the European Union, Faruk Kaimaktsi.

In the shadow of Turkey’s claim that it dropped the Greek flag from a rocky island, the Turkish diplomat accuses the Greeks and the Cypriots of provoking, while at the same time he wonders: “What is the reason to raise the Greek flag on an island with no one? And what is the reason to fly over such small islands and rocky islands when they are uninhabited? These actions are not a claim of territorial sovereignty simply simply a challenge. ”

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Reaffirming the theory of “gray zones” Kaimaktsy in his interview at euractiv.com continues: “Greece says that this region (the small islands and the rocky islands) is its territory. So is Turkey. So how can he claim that this is a territorial sovereignty? It may be Turkish or Greek, but the delimitation has not been made between Greece and Turkey. Until this is agreed by the interested members, no one can invoke territorial sovereignty or a continental shelf in disputed areas. What we are saying is that these islands, whose status has not been clarified by international or bilateral agreements, can not be claimed by either side. So until these problems solve why do we make such challenges? ”

“Flowers, flags or picnics on these rocky islands are challenges and we do not want that, especially after Erdogan’s visit to Athens. And why are all this happening now? Let us hope that these challenges will come to an end and I believe that these rocky islands will be a field of cooperation and not a source of tension, “he adds.

The Turkish diplomat is also returning to the issue of delimitation of the EEZ of Cyprus, saying that until there is agreement between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, the former can not do anything about the exploitation of hydrocarbons.Asking whether Turkey will block the drilling, Kaimaktsy replies that “Turkey will not allow any illegal action in its Exclusive Economic Zone. This is also the case for the Turkish Cypriots. We will be next to them. ”

The Turkish diplomat is finally returning to Greece and when asked about the US reaction to the purchase of Russian S-400, he wondered “do not forget that the Greeks have bought S-300. Are they compatible with NATO? Let’s check it too. ”

The Turkish diplomat is also asked to comment on the European Parliament’s resolution on the two Greek soldiers who are calling for their release, initially observing that justice in Turkey and the court’s decision must be respected. “There has been a violation of the border, deliberately or involuntarily, by two military personnel with military equipment. We have to wait for the court’s decision, “the Turkish diplomat says, and warns that” if the EU continues to politicize the issue, it will be wrong. Leave judgment in court. Perfect”.

It also addresses an indirect threat by saying that “as long as the issue is politicized by the EU, there will be more tensions and that is not the right way. It is a loss of credibility for the EU if it is involved in a court case.”

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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