Ukrainian interference with Russian ships should be dealt with “like Somali pirates”

The seizure of the Nord was an act of piracy and a deliberate provocation -- Korochenko


Russian Economic News has this follow-up about Ukraine’s seizure of the Nord:

The warning of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the risk of pirate seizure and illegal detentions of Russian ships by Ukraine must be accompanied by effective measures, military experts tell “Economy today.”
“The only guarantee that the Ukrainian seizure of the Nord will not be repeated with other Russian vessels is the presence of the Border Guard Service of the FSB and the ships of the Black Sea Fleet in the waters of the Sea of Azov” said Igor Korochenko, chairman of the Public Council under the Russian Defense Ministry. “Any pirate actions of Ukrainian border guards should be stopped, including by force of arms. Russia should treat Ukraine as a pirate of Somalia, and and respond accordingly to attempts to capture our ships.

“Accordingly, appropriate interaction measures should be worked out, when fishing vessels and merchant vessels flying the flag of the Russian Federation could send a signal in an emergency. When trying to seize and convoy from Ukraine, this signal is received by the relevant structures of Russia, to ensure the safety of Russian ships, emergency forces are sent urgently. There are no other guarantees for the security of our vessels from Ukraine.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation warned of the risk of pirate capture of Russian ships by Ukraine. “Increased cases of illegal detention by Ukrainian authorities of Russian ships create real risks for shipowners,” the Foreign Ministry states. And reminds: to prevent new seizures of fishing vessels in the Sea of Azov, cutters of the FSB Border Patrol will be constantly on duty, and fishermen, if necessary, will be able to contact them.

Cutters of the FSB are on duty to protect Russian vessels in the Sea of Azov

“Ukraine will undoubtedly continue its attempts at piracy – this country has completely lost all its landmarks and rejected the notion of law, which we can only consider as a pirate country and declare it at the level of the Russian Foreign Ministry: attempts to seize civil vessels under the Russian flag by Ukraine in international waters as an act of international piracy, with appropriate countermeasures.

“That is, Russia’s boats should even sink ships of Ukraine, which attempt a seizure, on the spot. This is the only thing that in this situation can sober up Kiev, there is no other, “Korochenko said.

Attempts of provocation
In March, 2018 Ukrainian border guards “illegally detained” the Russian seiner “Nord” in the Sea of Azov, and in April the cargo ship SeaBreeze Trans Services Maritime was seized by decision of a Ukrainian court. It had which entered a port of the Southern Odessa region. In Sovfed they suggest calling the capture of “Nord” piracy – to legitimize this term with respect to the neighboring state. However, the actions of Ukraine were delegitimized by her own fishermen – they themselves left the Sea of Azov, frightened of the Russian response. …

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said at a meeting of the Marine Collegium of the Russian Federation: the agency will develop a an action procedure in cases of piracy. “We have agreed that within the framework of the Maritime Board, the mechanism of coherent actions of Russian structures will be discussed, to guarantee to our citizens (seafarers or passengers) who have found themselves in such situations of virtual piracy, how the Russian state will act to protect the inalienable civil and human rights of citizens Russia,” the official said.

“Full guarantees that the seizure of Russian civil vessels will not happen again, is not due to the greed of the shipowners,” says Captain of the 2nd Rank of Reserve Maxim Shepovalenko, who works in the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies. “Understanding the danger of Kiev’s actions against the whole of Russia, in her direction of the court because of the desire for profit.They risk both the ship and the crew – live people. And the responsibility for the fact that the crew of the “Nord” was captured, should be not be borne by the owners of this vessel.

“Ukraine is clearly provoking Russia – this was an act with a purpose. This was done during the pre-election period, now the situation is swinging before the inauguration of the president, and it is also necessary to create complications in the run-up to the World Cup in Russia.

“And international maritime law regulates the rules of navigation, but the “Nord” was captured in spite of it. Ukraine simply does not obey the laws adopted throughout the world. And nothing so corrupts as impunity for violating the rules of law. Until Ukraine is seriously punished, attempts to seize will continue.”

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