US experts “depressed” at state of Ukrainian army

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American experts have assessed the fighting capacity of the Ukrainian army and were “depressed” by its level.

The Ministry of State Security (MGB) of the Lugansk People’s Republic, with reference to materials obtained by the department, American experts state “the units of the Ukrainian armed forces are of such low level in military discipline, general and special training, as well as motivation for military service.”

According to observations of US experts, at the level of “soldier-sergeant” there is basic failure to comply with orders and commanders, rampant alcohol abuse, drug use.

At the junior officers’ level, there is a lack of training.

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Officers at the level of “battalion commander, regiment” are not able to fully perform the tasks of the command, including due to the high degree of corruption.

The general conclusion: “At first stage of  armed conflict, Russian weapons will destroy more than 70% of the armed forces’ personnel, as well as all combat and military transport aircraft.”

Against this background, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Poltorak, asks Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Turchinov, to consider the possibility of additional consultations with representatives of the United States and NATO and the allocation of additional financial and material assistance to the Ministry of Defense from the United States and the European Union.


Source Rusvesna
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