US may sanction “partner” Turkey for purchase of S-400


The United States are quite prolific on sanctions: now the State Department does not exclude the introduction of punitive measures against Turkey, because the country bought the Russian defense complex S-400 . This was announced by Assistant Secretary of State A. Wess Mitchell. In addition, Ankara may be prevented from taking part in the program for the purchase of American F-35 fighters.

Until now, Washington has stressed that Turkey is a sovereign state, and can itself decide which weapons to purchase.

“Ankara’s to the purchase of the Russian S-400 missile system could potentially lead to sanctions under section 231 of the CAATSA (Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act), and also have an adverse effect on Turkey’s participation in the F-35 procurement program,” reads the publication of the State Department.

Turkey is a  NATO member and the Pentagon has previously expressed concern that the S-400 may be “bugged” to transmit military information to Russia. Russia, on the other hand, has offered Turkey an unmatched deal in terms of financing the system, partially through loans, a speedy delivery, and Russian technicians to educate the local forces.

Given the S-400 is incompatible with being administered by NATO, Turkey is not defending itself from “the Russian threat”, as is propagated by NATO.

Source Vesti
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