US prepared to defend Jaish al-Islam in Syria, but did the terror group kill 3800 civilians?


EAST GHOUTA, Syria – Jaish al-Islam, the main group operating in the jihadist-stronghold of Duma in east Ghouta to the east of Damascus city center, have most likely executed around 3800 Syrian civilians.

This is the same group, who along with Al-Qaeda affiliated White Helmets, reported that the Syrian government conducted a chemical weapon attack two days ago in Duma and killed over 60 civilians. However, no traces of chemicals have been found in Duma by inspectors so far.

This however has been enough for Washington to contemplate aggression and risk a Great Power war between the United States and Russia.

As part of the deal to relocate Jaish al-Islam fighters out of Duma and to northern Syria, they had to surrender 4000 prisoners, mostly civilians, that they were holding captive.

4000 Syrians were kidnapped in 2013 by Jaish Al Islam in the towns of Adra and Taken and were taken to Duma.

However, many civilians, as seen in the above photo, were devastated to find that less than 200 prisoners were released.

The fate of the other 3800 is not known and it appears they completely vanished, suggesting they were executed.

These are the people the US is prepared to go to war to defend.

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