Visa anyone? Ukrainians ridicule Poroshenko’s ‘success’


Twitter users ridiculed the statement of Petro Poroshenko that the value of the Ukrainian passport had grown after the introduction of a visa-free regime with the European Union.

Many Ukrainians found it strange to rejoice at the positions in the rating, while the standard of living in the country leaves much to be desired.

“Raise the standard of living, not the passport rating,” – wrote @ VitaliiA5.

“And before the extinction of the population of Ukraine, no one cares,” – indignant @ toralex46.

Some noted that the Ukrainian president has nothing to do with the introduction of a visa regime with Europe.

“I do not understand what Poroshenko’s merit in the introduction of visa-free travel? – wrote @volduma. “He did everything to pervert the reforms.” People who really did something were driven out of Ukraine. If it were not for Poroshenko, Ukraine’s GDP grew at least ten percent a minimum. ”

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“Peter, that’s a paradox, – the value of something has grown, and the desire to receive it has diminished,” – ironically @igormas.

“Perhaps that is why your ministers organize the birth of their children in the United States. That they did not receive this most valuable passport, “sarcastic @ slovanastini.

Since June 2017, Ukrainian citizens can move between the countries of the Schengen zone with a biometric passport. Free access for 90 days for six months, citizens of Ukraine receive for tourist, business and family purposes, but the right to work or study this regime does not.

rusvesna, translated by J. Flores

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