Visitor beaten for complaining about Russian music in Lviv


The police have started a criminal case against young people who beat up a group of other young people, who complained to the waiter about Russian music in a Lviv bar, in  Ukraine. 

A resident of the city Radko Mokrik, stated that he and four of his friends were at the bar. It played Russian music, much to their dismay. He twice made a note to the staff because of this and was going to leave, when a  man came and asked what the problem was, what they don’t like about Russian music in Lviv. It must be noted a significant part of Lviv population is Russian speaking, albeit under Kiev jurisdiction.

Mokrik replied that Lviv is not the place for Russian pop, after which the man hit him in the face. Some who were at the bar came to the attacking man’s aid, as later found out – tourists from Kiev.

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All face a fine of 850 hryvnia ($32 USD) for causing minor bodily injuries.


Source Ruposters
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