War correspondent: We found no signs of a chemical attack in Duma – PHOTOS

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – War Correspondent Alexander Bilibov reporting from Syria has said that he has found no signs of a chemical attack in Duma.

“We checked the place of the alleged chemical weapon attack together with the Russian military and asked the civilians,” he said. Nobody heard about a chemical weapon attack.”

Bilibov’s group also went to all the and spoke to the doctors, where no one could confirm the reports of a chemical weapon attack.

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Despite journalists, doctors, military personnel and investigators finding no evidence that a chemical weapon attack had occurred in Duma, US President Donald Trump and his puppets in London and Paris have announced that they were prepared to strike Syria for the alleged chemical weapon attack.

This is even before the OPCW or other elements of the United Nations have been able to conduct an investigation.

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