War without respite against the parasitic nomads is needed

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – The advance of capitalism throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries led to the definitive emergence of a very distinct global capitalist class with characteristics peculiar to the classes of the past.

If the capitalist class of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century still saw their interests intertwined with the imperialist interests of the nations that held their headquarters, the financialization and virtualization of capitalism brought about the almost complete untying of capitalism and national states.

It is not that the capitalist class does not make use of national states when necessary. It does so because it controls its politicians through economic power. But there is no more synchrony between the strengthening of capitalists and the realization of strategic national interests. If in the previous era, the era of imperialism (in the strictest sense), we saw the conflict for supremacy between the capitalists of the various nations, in the current era, the era of globalism, we see the synarchic harmony of the global capitalist class.

Japanese and / or European corporations merge with American corporations, forming huge conglomerates who, for all intents and purposes, exercise concrete monopoly over a myriad of sectors of the global economy. This is what we see, for example, in the merger between Bayer and Monsanto. All this occurs in spite of national states and almost always against their interests.

In this sense, the capitalist class reaching its global phase, possibly its last and final culmination of its origins, sets in motion a whole campaign aimed at the dissolution of frontiers, the uprooting of peoples and the destruction of identities, with the objective also give rise to an immense global precariousness.

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The capitalist then achieves its authentic nature: that of a parasitic nomad. All the masks fell, all disguises were discarded. The capitalist reveals itself in its essence as the stateless creature it is. The global capitalist class, 1%, is a caste of parasitic nomads.

This caste of parasitic nomads is the true ruler of our planet. This caste has more power than any state in our world and it is this caste that moves the politics of the Atlantic countries and even in the non-aligned countries this caste can preserve its influence.

This is the fundamental enemy and against it is necessary to wage a war without respite, of an international nature, with the aim of preserving the peoples of the world.

Translated from Nova Resistencia.

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