WATCH Syria pound ISIS positions in South Damascus – SITREP


The Syrian command continues operations against the militants of the Islamic State in the southern Damascus areas.

The Syrian Air Force did delivered a non-stop bombardment of IS positions over night. The news agency “Amak” reported on more than 100 strikes around the Tadamun, Kadam, El-Hadar-al-Aswad and Yarmuk camps. The terrorists fired on the Syrian army to defend their base using hand-held missile launchers, which would be attacked by the Syrian Army with cover from aviation. Several peaceful inhabitants of Damascus died as a consequence of fighting.

The Syrian command reports on a number of destroyed bases of the IS and demolished Jihadist command centers, where dozens of terrorists were killed. The SAA doesn’t publicise their losses but we know of 7 killed (including major lieutenant and lieutenant colonel of the Syrian Guard) and one military correspondent of the National Defence Force called Aihab Balan

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Members of the “Free Syrian Army”, located on the south border of Damascus, held negotiations with the SAA and, for the most part, laid down a weapon. At this moment, clean up is still ongoing.

The Syrian Arab Army uses artillery, tanks and air strikes on IS positions. Infantry divisions are pulled up to the line of defense, attempting to find weak areas. The SAA is dealing major blows on rebels so that they surrender and the fight doesn’t move on to towns (where civilians are). However, despite the fact that ISIS terrorists do not have underground tunnel exits to East Ghouta, they show no intention of surrender. To agree to SAA demands, the rebels position must become much more dire.


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