What do the Turks have in mind? Scrambled warships and submarines – Explosive oil tanker…

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ATHENS, Greece – What exactly have the Turks prepared with the simultaneous presence of 10 warships and three submarines in Cypriot waters; warships near Imia-Kastelorizo ​​(continuously issuing NAVTEX and firing exercises) while at the same time 10 Turkish surface units and at least 2-3 submarines “Do exercise” in the Black Sea, just a “breath” from the Bosphorus Straits?

In the Black Sea, over 10 Turkish warships have been sailing over the course of the Deniz Yildizi 2018 exercise.

According to the Turkish press, the ships departed from their bases and the first phase of the exercise took place in the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Dardanelles in a simulation of “war operations”.

The Black Sea Exercise will be completed on April 5th, and the Turkish frigates of the MEKO, Yildirim, Oruçreis, Kemalreis and Yavuz classes, which are probably the most powerful units of Turkey’s navy, at least in terms of surface units, take part in it.

One of the scenarios of the exercise was the sinking of an old oil tanker of the fleet that was withdrawn.

Turkey’s moves, however, have, in the recent past, clearly been aimed at implementing a “project” that is already “running”.

According to those who know the geopolitical and military significance of an enormous sea area, two are hot spots from Sevastopol/Crimea to the Eastern Mediterranean, which are of immense naval importance.

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A. The Bosporus straits that control the entry and exit of ships in the Black Sea and the Aegean and…

B. The so-called “gate” in the southern Aegean, which includes the conspicuous line west of Crete, Kasos-Karpathos-Rhodes, which controls the entrance to the Aegean all ships, known since antiquity.

In any case, Turkey’s lack of access to the high seas due to the presence of Greece and Cyprus has reinforced Turkish aggression in the Aegean as evidenced by the escalation of violations in the Greek airspace by Turkish fighters and the recent Turkish- Greek port, as well as the announcement of a Turkish floating drilling rig in Cypriot waters.

Eventually, Ankara has in this way “dispersed” selective surface and underwater units so that in case of possible “tension” with Greece, it will have a strategic advantage over the movements of the Turkish ships, which is a feasible scenario.

In any case, the entire “movement” of the Turkish Navy has troubled the Greek General Staff regarding the intentions of Ankara in the very next period in which the descent of the Turkish floating drilling rig in Cypriot waters and the possible “wailing” after such an action.

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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