Who set fire to a natural reserve outside Moscow?


Employees of the natural reserve park “Elk Island” are trying find out who, in spite of prohibitions, set dry grass on fire in what is a fire danger zone. The flames have covered dozens of square meters, leaving behind huge burnt areas.


“It’s likely that an arsonist set fire to the grass, there are such people,” says Zaur Bayramukov, the State Inspector of the natural reserve. As a result of such “experiments”, environmental problems arise and smoke is detected in residential areas. 

It is common to see wild fires in Russia in the summer – often, you can see them while travelling by train. Due to the expanse of the country, there are often no settlements around for many kilometers. In hot weather, fires can start on their own and are only extinguished when they near townships.

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For firemen, the busy season is beginning. Fields and forests are burning across Central Russia, Siberia, Transbaikalia. Over the past day, the territories covered by fire have doubled – probably by natural causes, so the added criminal activity appears timely and calculated.

Source Vesti
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