Why hasn’t the Iraqi Kurdish government been paying their workers a salary?

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BAGHDAD, Iraq – Who was the reason Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki cut the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) budget in early 2014?

Iraqi deputy finance minister, who was a Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Kurd, says the KRG was the reason.

There was an oil agreement between the KRG and Baghdad since mid-2012 for the KRG to hand SOMO 100K bpd instead of exporting oil independently for Baghdad to send KRG budget; KRG refused, but Baghdad kept sending a budget until early 2014.

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Fazil Nabi, who is a KDP Kurd and was Iraqi deputy finance minister told WAAR TV, which is a Barzani-owned channel in Erbil that the KRG initially agreed but later refused to abide by the oil agreement starting from mid-2012 and they thought they could pay KRG salary themselves.

It turned out they were wrong.

The article was composed from a series of Tweets by Abdulla Hawez.

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