Will the Aegean be the next outbreak? The level of aggression between US-Russia creates new wars by representatives


ATHENS, Greece – Global “storm” comes to our planet from the conflicting and enormous interests of Russia and the United States, which lead mathematically and accurately to an epic dimensional war or, at best, to humanity, to many small outbreaks of war by dealers.

Will the Aegean be one of these places? Given that in the Mediterranean and the Aegean, what unites Russia-Turkey is at the same time what separates them from US-Turkey?

Will the Balkans remain as they are or will we see upgrades there?

Russian analysts predict black days especially after the presentation of B. Putin of the new arsenal.

Russia has returned for good and calls for a new definition of areas of influence something that is not accepted by US-NATO.

The recent UK diplomatic line is by no means an isolated case, according to geoplatical analyst Phil Butler who spoke to Sputnik, referring to the growing pressure exerted by the West on Russia in recent years.

Judging by the level of the Western and Eastern divisions, a third world war is now closer than ever since the 1962 crisis and the Russian missiles of Cuba.

Prime Minister Teresa May’s rhetoric in the British Parliament, where she spoke with heavy charges against Moscow about the incident with former spy Sergei Scripal, resembles that of the Cuban crisis in the 1960s, says geopolitical analyst Phil Butler.

“Looking at Trab’s apparent willingness for war on Russia, especially after the appointment of psychologist John Bolton as National Security Adviser, the picture does not seem good at all levels.

The level of aggression has risen to other levels. I’m sure this was triggered by Putin when the latter warned the planet about Russia’s devastating weapons. The Kremlin certainly knows more than any of the rest of us. But the Third World War is closer than ever, “the geopolitical analyst said.

Following the poisoning of the former Russian “double” agent, the British Prime Minister rushed to show Russia, although the investigation into the case is far from complete.

In addition to halting high-level diplomatic relations with Moscow and the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats from the United Kingdom, the British leadership called on the US and European countries to follow its footsteps.

As a result, the White House said 23 countries agreed to expel Russian diplomats out of a total of 137.

However, 11 EU Member States, ie Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia, have not proved “solidarity” with London and refused to expel Russian diplomats.

According to Butler, we should not see the recent diplomatic line as an isolated case “because in fact the West has launched a large-scale attack on all fronts against Russia and [President] Vladimir Putin.”

“The United Kingdom and the parody of chemical weapons are only part of a plan that includes extensive cyber attacks, social and political attacks, media manipulation, and real strategy and tactics,” the geopolitical analyst said.

“Take, for example, the campaign against Gaza, the Israeli raids and the presence of Hezbollah. See the whole spectrum, and you’ll see what I mean, “he concludes.

The analyst noted that London and its allies seem to be trying to “kill a lot of birds with a stone”: to boycott Russia hosting the World Cup, undermine Nord Stream 2 and put pressure on the military coalition Russia-Syria, which is successfully advancing in East Gut.

On the other hand, Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson has announced that the United Kingdom is ready to take action against Russia’s assets of dubious origins, according to the recently adopted legislation.

All this and many others prove that Putin knew exactly what he was saying by talking about the Russian nuclear arsenal in … west and the whole planet knowing precisely about the coming.

Translated from Penta Postagma.

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Tom Tom
Tom Tom
3 years ago

It benefits NO Americans or Russians to have their country destroyed in WW3. This only benefits the satanic globalist elites – many of whom are American and some Russian. They want both countries to destroy each other which will leave just them and China, which leads to Armageddon. Its all satan’s ploy. But Jesus already won 2,000 years ago and he will back soon.

3 years ago

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3 years ago

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