Will the West overthrow Putin by 2024? [Video]

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Is Putin the “problem” or was Russia always “evil”? The outtake in this video features Sergei Mikheyev, a political scientist on Tsargrad TV, who states that the West has always generally had a problem with Russia. While Putin himself is the current nemesis – the concept of the “evil empire” is nothing new. In fact, the only time that Western leadership is non-critical of Russia, is during weak leadership – we only have to think as far back as the Yeltsin years.

The past few years have shown a steady growth in anti-Russian hysteria. A logical starting point would be the coup d’etat in the Ukraine in 2014 – orchestrated by Western powers – leaving Russia with the only sensible option to take back the Crimea, a strategic naval port. While this won President Putin a lot of brownie points at home – it certainly fulfilled its propaganda quota of “the aggressor state” in Western media. This was followed by events such as the downing of MH17, accusations of atrocities in Syria, the “Panama Papers” scandal, US election meddling, and so on.

Come March 2018 – the timing of the Skripal poisoning was no coincidence, neither was the “state sponsored doping” scandal at the Olympics in February. Much is being done to discredit the Russian government, and cause internal unrest. Even the recent fire in Kemerovo saw Russia’s liberals demand Putin’s resignation – 6 days into his re-election – as if any other leaders worldwide would be required to quit at a time of national tragedy.

But the real test is not going to be now – the real test is in 2024, at the end of Putin’s term. Many Russians are assured in Putin’s ability to play the game correctly, that’s why he was re-elected after all. But cultural factors must be taken into account; a growing generation of young people who don’t know of life in the 1990s, a growing number of liberal opposition figures funded from abroad and treated like long-lost cousins in Washington, economic pressure due to sanctions, and so on.

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In conclusion, Putin won the elections 2018, the FIFA World Cup is not cancelled, US-funded rebels have left Eastern Ghouta in Syria, Russia expelled more diplomats than the British. Why exactly did the Brits poison the Skripals – if not to attempt to manipulate the Western audience into the wickedness of Russia?

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