With a finger on the trigger! Greek and Turkish soldiers confront each other!

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EVROS, Greece – As revealed by Greek media, Greek and Turkish soldiers spent an entire night with their finger on the trigger in the contested Evros river on the Greek-Turkish border.

The incident is not uncommon. However, according to the daily Kathimerini, the “war” for sandbanks in Evros remains open and every year creates tensions that may prove dangerous.

As occurs every year, the Evros river waters had subsided and in the middle sandy islets emerge. 80 immigrants were there who were most likely trying to cross from Turkey into the European Union. The Greek and Turkish patrols spotted each other and immediately sounded the alarm on both sides.

The islet was almost at the center of the river. Both sides claim the “soil” as their own and so when immigrants were spotted, it was not known whether it should be the Greeks or Turks who should intervene.

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Neither the Greek nor the Turkish side did so. Greek and Turkish soldiers prevented any movement on the other side in dispute of the “soil”.

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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