WWII veterans “never forgotten” – or are they?

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In Yekaterinburg, a 91-year old veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Vladimir Timashev , was not congratulated by any officials on May 9th last year. It is customary for relevant authorities to congratulate all veterans of the war on this day. Timashev’s relatives are raising awareness of the issue, so that they WWII participants who are immobile are not ignored.

For almost all his life after the war, Vladimir Timashev lived in Tashkent, where he was regularly congratulated and invited to comemmorative concerts. In 2016, his daughter moved him to Yekaterinburg, where local officials and public organizations did  nothing to acknowledge his contribution to the war.

No money was allocated for gifts or flowers. No visits to his home were planned. All regional government grants and subsidies were allocated for concerts.

“We have events for veterans – those that can still walk around themselves. Only mobile veterans can partake. Laying flowers at the monument to Marshal Zhukov is the same, he should at least have been brought there with special assistance. ” – said the daughter  in the Council of Veterans.

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Last year, in the Sverdlovsk Region, the local administration forgot to congratulate the 106-year veteran of the war, Alexander Silk. According to relatives, he sat for four hours at home, dressed in his decorations, but no one came. In March of this year, he died.

It is symbolic that the slogan of the Great Patriotic War is “Nothing is forgotten, no one is forgotten” – it is printed on every moment. The problem arises in practice, in towns that are less organised than others, or simply show a lack of planning.

It is common for veterans not to attend parades for health reasons – but it is duty of local schools and organisations to organise trips to their homes. The cost of the war for the USSR is estimated to be around 27 million people.

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