Alarm in the Aegean: The great “descent” of the Turks on a Greek island


ATHENS, Greece – The great deployment of the Turkish army, opposite the Greek island of Chios, resembles a takeover of a Greek island.

The area is reminiscent of a war zone, with a high concentration of military means, and the Greek forces are on the lookout.

The Navy monitors with great care of the Turkish exercise, having on hand several units, a large number of units (frigates and submarines), on-board surveillance and anti-aircraft protection and ready-to-fly combat aircraft.

The Army’s radar on the islands is activated and both anti-aircraft defense and Air Force squadrons are in full readiness.

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At the same time, Turkey has committed an illegal Navtex for an area between Lemnos, Aghios Stratis and Mytilene for a real firefighting, while tomorrow, a rescue and search exercise is planned in Kastelorizo.

In all of these, the Navy responds to the “Storm” exercise, which begins on May 4th and will be shot at sea targets.

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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