Analyst: Africa is China’s Road to “Leadership in Tomorrow’s World”

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In the last two decades, China has been in constant development. Now the Chinese intend to use this experience to develop the African continent. In fact, Chinese investments in Africa are breaking records.

Africa could become what the Asian giant was until recently: a place where everything is produced for the entire world, Irene Yuan Sun argues in her new book The Next Factory of the World: How Chinese Investment is Reshaping Africa. According to political analyst Dmitry Kosyrev, this process has already begun and everything is moving in this direction.

The Russian Council for International Affairs has indicated that since 2009, China has been Africa’s main trading partner. As a result, their trade reached US $ 220 billion in 2014. Although the index has fallen to $180 billion, China continues to lead trade in Africa.

The same is true of Chinese investments in Africa that reached US $100 billion in 2017, the analyst said.
These are substantial values ​​compared to Europe, where Chinese investments amounted to $35 billion in 2016. It should be noted that in Europe there has also been a significant increase in investment since 2010, but not as bulky as on the African continent.

In addition, Beijing is leading in “aid” in Africa. Some 240,000 African specialists are expected to receive training in the coming years. Kosyrev has linked the data on the continent’s development to the Chinese economy, which will entail transferring significant parts of Chinese factories to the African continent.

The Asian giant does not make investments that are not beneficial to itself, so they all have tangible results in Africa, Kosyrev emphasized.

All these goods were destined for the African market, as well as for the markets of China and other countries. In addition, Beijing is investing heavily in the construction and development of infrastructure, which is also very profitable, Kosyrev explained.

For example, under the China-Africa development fund alone, in 2017, 11,000 trucks, 300,000 air conditioners, 540,000 refrigerators, 390,000 televisions and 1.6 million tons of cement were manufactured.

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The expert also revealed what sets China apart from Europeans, who tried to do something similar in Africa, but failed. In the case of the Europeans, their greed and desire to change the mentality of the local inhabitants were the causes of their failure on the colonized continent, he clarified.

“The settlers had the ideology of ‘developing savages’ to the level of the West’s incomparable values…African communities did not become Westerners and did not develop as expected.”

However, China does not try to change anyone and is guided by the principle of mutual benefit. Even Chinese media have emphasized the principle of not meddling in the internal affairs of other countries. According to the analyst, the Chinese know what to do in these countries regardless of who is in charge.

How might China gain world leadership through Africa?

“China does not teach others how to live…The Chinese know what to do in these countries, and this is is the case all over the world,” said Kosyrev.

This is how the doors to China’s world leadership are opening up, says the expert. After all, examining China’s true objectives on the African continent, Kosyrev concluded: “If Africa manufactures many sophisticated products, it trains engineers and technicians, as well as doctors and scientists, and all thanks to China, then who will have moral leadership in tomorrow’s world?”

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