Analysts: US-CIA fights FOR ISIS in Syria

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Russia has accused the United States of creating “gray areas” in Syria where terrorists are hiding. Russia’s Institute for Strategic Studies, Vladimir Fitin explained in an interview why the US could benefit from preserving the threat of ISIS in Syria.

Additionally, another expert had this to say: ”Russia fears that after the departure of the US military from Syria, ISIS may be reborn in the territories controlled by them.” This was stated by Russia’s deputy representative to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, at the UN Security Council meeting.

“Before accusing Russia or Iran, say: what is the basis of the US military presence in Syria and what is its real purpose?” questioned the diplomat, mentioning the creation of these “gray areas.”

In particular, he was interested in what is happening with the hundreds of ISIS terrorists who are in the hands of US loyalists.

“There is no ongoing investigation into them, the countries of origin of the terrorists are also not revealed either,” Polyansky noted.

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The specialist Vladimir Fitin, in an interview explained why the United States could be in favor of preserving the terrorist threat in Syria.

“The main objective of the United States in Syria is to stop Russian influence, along with Iran’s influence, from continuing in this country, so everything is done to keep the northeast of the country to not be controlled by the central government. Also, supporting the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) with the Sunni Arab contingent,” he said.

He also said he does not believe that the Americans can leave Syria, since they have been talking about it for a long time, but they do nothing. Fitin concluded by saying that for the US, it would be advantageous for the terrorists to remain in Syria and prevent “the unification of the Arab country under Assad or any other president who has friendly relations with Russia.”

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