Assad: Russian defense support thwarts Israeli attacks

Syria will continue to strengthen its anti-aircraft defense after gaining Russian support, Syrian President Bashar Assad said in an interview.

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Syria will continue to strengthen its anti-aircraft defense after gaining Russian support, Syrian President Bashar Assad said in an interview with Russian media.

Our anti-aircraft defense is much stronger than before, thanks to Russia’s support, and the recent attacks by the Israelis, the Americans, the British and the French, it proved that we are in a better situation,” he said. “The only option is to improve our anti-aircraft defense, it’s the only thing we can do and we’re doing it,” Assad added.

The Syrian president also said he did not exclude further US attacks at any time while Washington continues to violate international law. In addition, are the series of attacks carried out by the Tel Aviv based regime. Assad has made clear his support for the liberation of occupied Golan Heights Syria from Israel, as well as his support for Palestinian statehood.

“Of course they [violations] can [occur] because as long as the US violates international law, daily sometimes in various areas and for various reasons, any country in the world can have such an attack,” he said when speaking on the likelihood of further attacks.

“Since we do not have an international law that is respected by the US and its puppets from the West, there is no guarantee that this will not happen,” added Assad.

According to Assad, the United States considered the scenario of a massive attack on Syria, but Russia’s reaction prevented this: “Then the Russians openly declared that they were ready to destroy the launch sites of the missiles; there is evidence, just data, but safe data, they considered the massive attack against the whole territory of Syria. And it was that threat that made the West take much more modest measures,” he revealed during the RT interview .

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On 14 April, the United States, Britain and France carried out missile attacks on Syrian government structures allegedly used for the production of chemical weapons, although this was never proven.

Moreover, Bashar Assad stressed that militants in Syria are receiving instructions from abroad not to accede to the reconciliation, but the Syrians are determined to win, since they have no other choice.

Commenting on the situation in the country, Assad said that the events in Syria is not a civil war, they are from the outset a war against the terrorists and “mercenaries of the West”.

The Syrian leader also addressed the issue of the presence of foreign troops in his country, stressing that there are no Iranian troops in Syria, despite Israel’s declarations, there are only Iranian advisers.

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