Burning the Devil’s Dictionary – Fighting on our own Terms

The enemy can't understand that the world has gone syncretic


Not for the first time, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the elite and their servants and handmaidens employ language as a weapon against all dissident thinkers, writers and intellectuals.

Vanessa Beeley in Syria

I think what’s gotten me on this kick has been seeing all the slurs being hurled against courageous independent voices like Vanessa Beeley and others who have successfully debunked the “Assad used chemical weapons on his own people” lie that has been wheeled out repeatedly, year after year, as part of a concerted propaganda effort to grease the wheels for a full scale carpet bombing of Damascus and a direct, head-on regime change operation, as opposed to attempts at regime change via failed proxies.

Conspiracy theorist,” “Assadist,” “Putinist,” “crackpot,” “fascist,” “Kremlin agent,” “paid Kremlin operative,” “Iranian agent,” “anti-democratic,” “anti-freedom,” are the same of the most common invectives and terms of derision hurled at dissidents, meant to discredit them, and hopefully, see them cowed into silence.

In the Arabosphere different invectives and terms of derision are employed: “Safawi,” “Majoosi,” “Ajam”, “Rafidha,” “Kuffar,” etc. Notice how within the “pro-revolutionary” Arab camp there’s little to no pretense about “freedom” this, “democracy” that and “dictatorship” the other. Qatari, Emirati and Saudi Arabic-language media make no bones about what it is that they’re actually fighting for and never have. It’s to drive the unbelieving Alawite usurpers from Bilad al-Sham and return the land to it’s supposed rightful masters, “the Muslims,” by which they mean Wahhabi/Brotherhood Sunni supremacists.

The language of the Gulfies and the Saudis is laughable (almost as laughable as the “fighting skills” of their armies) and only appeals to their own hardcore ethno-sectarian chauvinist audience. But the language of the western elite and intelligentsia, and their foot soldiers, is much more effective, one reason being is that, aside from certain terms that are particular only to this particular conflict, these are tried and tested terms that have been employed for decades now; in some cases since the dawn of the first Cold War, in other cases since the Kennedy assassination.

The very effectiveness of these terms lends itself to the temptation to hurl them back at the accuser, in order to lay bare his or her hypocrisy.

In the west, in particular the Anglosphere, we see an entire strata of the fake left judging from on high that Russia is a capitalist oligarchy and Iran is a reactionary theocracy. Problems in their own societies are ultimately boiled down to this or that policy that can be corrected. While they might here and again talk about revolution, the only real work they do concerning the sphere of revolutions is to prevent one from happening in their own country. So, “look over there!”, they say, and distract yourself, fascinate yourself, send your negative energies and thoughts to the perennial ‘other’ – the Alawite, the Russian, the Iranian, the Chinese. It’s not the people they hate, they claim, only their governments. 

At first this proposition seems reasonable, until you see that they hate only that these people have made their own self-determinations, and that these decisions have led to developmental courses outside of the legitimating ideology of western liberalism, capitalism, progressivism. In other words, their ‘resistance’ is reserved for the other – it is the same perspective of their own imperialist masters but this time in the language of what used to be ‘the left’.  They can’t understand that the world has gone syncretic. They can’t come to terms with the lower-case-h-humanism inherent in global desecularization.

For them, America elects a black president. Germany goes eco-friendly. Israel paints bombers and fighters pink and rainbow colors to make us aware of breast cancer, as they murder and mutilate men, women, boys, and girls. This is their ‘progress’.



Can you see what they have done?

And so indeed the temptation to hurl it all back at them is all too felt, and all too real.

“No, no my friend. You are the real fascist. You are the real conspiracy theorist. You are the one who’s really opposed to social justice and democracy.”

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But this tactic never works. It always ends up placing you on the back foot and, de facto, is an acknowledgment of the moral and ideological superiority of the Adversary.

‘Conspiracy theory’, ‘fascist’, ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’ – this is their framework. These are their words, not ours. These are their problems, this is their dictionary, not ours.  Decades of NGO work, the FBI, Tavistock Institute, academia and infiltration destroyed what used to be ‘the left’ by co-opting it, derailing it, and going full retard on a slew of social issues.  These are in reality simply disconnected from the real beliefs and needs of regular folk. And then the shock over the rise of the Orange One. Are they for real? As if anyone from the Clinton crime family could have ever been better. Their fake activism is ultimately a trap in two directions – a relapse back towards bourgeois electoral politics, and the geopolitics of straight-up chauvinism, a sick and perverse clash of civilizations discourse in the image of Russophobia, phrased in terms of what used to be called ‘the left’.

They use the Devil’s Dictionary. Not us.

No, far better to take the fight to the Enemy on our terms rather than his.

Tell them what they actually are: lapdogs of power, propagandists of evil, Zionists, servants of empire. Not just any empire, but the most powerful and wicked empire the world has ever seen. Tell them, plainly, they are lost souls. That’s not a condemnation. And redemption is always a promise that lays in the future. And at the end of the day, we are all children before the creator. They are simply being naughty. This, we live in, is the dream, the testing ground, the time of redemption and possibility. We have chosen this. Here we are.

In FRN’s last piece on this topic, I wrote in Their Dying World, Social Media And The Fall Of “Independent,” Self-Righteous Lost-Souls For Empire:

I’m refraining, for now, from calling any of these creatures out by name right now for two reasons: one, I happen to be in a magnanimous mood and two, names have power, names are always connected to a soul, and these things are soulless, malevolent forces in service of the ruling power of the age.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12

Going forward we need to be more mindful of this. Every war, every struggle on earth is but a manifestation of a war in the spiritual realm.

Truth and righteousness is on our side, not theirs. Reject them and all their ways, including their language of choice. Put them on the defensive. Remind them of who and what they have decided to throw in their lot with.

You see, fighting over their terms is based in some hope  that ‘the left’ can be corrected, reconstituted, set on the right track. It can’t. In the present year, it’s time to recognize that the understanding of what’s wrong with the western world has been intentionally split up and distributed between the “left” and the “right”.

We have already prevailed, it has already been written, and the unrepentant among them will spend at least another lifetime atoning for their sins. The most stubborn, an eternity. They know who they are. 

Published on: May 26, 2018 @ 14:50

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