Colombia-NATO Deal Threatens War with Venezuela, ‘Conquest’ of Latin America


Colombian President Manuel Santos announced on his Twitter that the Colombia’s status as “NATO’s global partner” will soon be formalized.

“We will be the only country in Latin America with this privilege,” he assured, adding that this will help to “improve the image of Colombia” and allow the country to have “much more presence on the international stage.”

Approval of the statute is scheduled for May 31 during Santos’ visit to Brussels.

“In Brussels we will have meetings with leaders of the European Union, and we will shortly formalize Colombia’s status as a NATO global partner, enabling us to conduct training and share information on organized crime,” he said.

Santos explained that the program aims to improve the integrity of the country’s Armed Forces and that Colombia will not become a member of NATO nor begin to participate in the military operations of the Alliance.

“This does not mean that we will become a member with full rights,” said the Colombian president, naming among the advantages of the new statute collaboration in the area of ​​cyber security and arms procurement.

Despite the president’s explanation, Santos’s announcement has caused concern in several countries in the region, especially in Venezuela. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro highlighted the threat that Colombia NATO cooperations poses to the region of Latin America and the Caribbean with the participation of one of its countries in a military alliance with nuclear capability. “This constitutes a serious threat to regional peace and stability,” he said.

Venezuelan analyst Oglis Ramos does not rule out the possibility that “a large-scale plan to conquer the region will begin to emerge and, in this case, it is the conquest of or military intervention in Venezuela, as this country is one of the most resistant to imperialist policies in the region. ”

According to the expert, the announcement made by the Colombian president is related to “the results of the elections [in Venezuela] that saw the victory of President Nicolás Maduro.”

He added that Colombia’s status as a “US aircraft carrier in South America” ​​has thus been reaffirmed and recalled that this country hosts US military bases.

Spanish professor Javier Colomo Ugarte does not doubt that the Colombian initiative “is mainly aimed at Venezuela”.

“This is being done to use Colombia as the spearhead of aggression, since NATO is actually aggressive and not a defensive bloc that was created to attack in various ways,” he said.

In addition, the professor stressed that behind this event lies Washington’s concern over the “advance of China and Russia in Latin America.”

This opinion is shared by Oglis Ramos. The analyst pointed out that the US is seeking to break the “very strong ties” Caracas has with Moscow and Beijing.

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