Drunken wife of ex-Lukoil manager robbed of 47 million ring


The 19-year-old model Liza Adamenko has been robbed of a wedding ring worth 47 million rubles ($800,000 USD), by falling asleep in a drunken state at the entrance to her home. The woman is the wife of 55-year-old Valentin Ivanov, the former top manager of Lukoil – one of Russia’s largest oil producing companies.

As has been reported, Adamenko lost the keys to her apartment on Rochdelskaya Street, having celebrated the May holidays “in style”. Unable to get inside, she fell asleep on the steps of her apartment.

When she woke up, Adamenko discovered that she had been robbed. Among the missing items listed are a Chanel hand bag, which costs 8 thousand dollars, diamond ring and a purse with 10 thousand rubles in cash.

At the scene, the police found the spouse of the former top manager in a drunken state. According to the source, the next day the model was drinking also, once again calling the police to report the theft.

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This is not the first time troublesome connections of Lukoil officials make headlines. Earlier the Vice President of the company, Gennady Fedotov, appealed to the police with a demand to punish a fourth-grade girl who got into an argument with his son, hitting him in the process.

During the medical examination it was found that the girl hurt his elbow joint and a part of his face.

“The girl who attacked him was obviously furious, hitting him across the face and bending his elbow. The child was sent to the European Medical Center, where they immediately provided medical references to the injuries, with which the vice-president of Lukoil appealed to the police” – the source notes.

The top manager asked to take measures against the schoolgirl – yet obviously, a minor cannot be legally punished for a schoolyard fight.  No result has been reported.

Source Ruposters
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