Enough! After shellings on civilians and water treatment plant, Donetsk returns fire.

DPR soldiers used heights abandoned a few days ago by the UAF to neutralize the Ukrainian gunners' team


Christelle Néant, in DONiPress:

Following the rise in the number of civilian victims, the DPR returns fire to neutralize the Ukrainian firing positions, killing 10.

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After the constant and deadly bombardment of the last days against several points of the front, the command of the army of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) decided to return fire to neutralize the shooting positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) responsible for many recent victims.

The first shots of neutralization targeted the Ukrainian army positions from which came the recent shootings against the area of the Gagarin mine.

The first of these is located near the village of Chigari, where the Ukrainian army was firing with automatic grenade launchers, rocket launchers and small arms not only against civilians living on the territory of the DPR, but also against houses of civilians living in the village where the Ukrainian soldiers are stationed (the FAU shooting with rifles on houses).

According to the DPR soldiers stationed near Gorlovka, they used the height advantage over the Ukrainian positions, and opened fire on the UAF unit responsible for shooting at civilians, killing six Ukrainian soldiers.

The second neutralized firing position was near the Yuzhnaya mine. Yesterday afternoon, the UAF fired mortar from this position against the Gagarin mine area, purposely targeting residential areas. According to a source in the army’s operational command, DPR soldiers used heights abandoned a few days ago by the UAF to neutralize the Ukrainian gunners’ team without using weapons banned by the Minsk agreements.

The shooting killed four Ukrainian soldiers, bringing the total to 10 dead on the side of the UAF.

To this must be added the 14 dead soldiers and eight wounded during the Ukrainian soldiers’ attempt to take new positions towards the Yuynaya mine on May 12th. Of the 30 to 40 soldiers who participated in this attempt, nine died the same day and five were injured when the DPR soldiers repelled the attack.

Further, because of this mismanagement, that the Ukrainian soldiers, not only did not gain ground, but lost some, among others the heights that DPR soldiers could use for their shots of neutralization.

Unable to properly evacuate their wounded, and following continuous gunfire, Ukrainian losses increased in the three days that followed with five deaths and three more wounded. This makes a total of 24 dead and eight wounded in battle among Ukrainian soldiers for the week.

It is necessary to add to this already heavy balance sheet for the UAF, the death of several NATO instructors which went on the front line, near Avdeyevka. The vehicle they were driving rolled over a mine, killing three Canadian soldiers and two American soldiers. Three of the Ukrainian soldiers accompanying them were reportedly injured.

According to a source in the operational command of the DPR army, what happened was not an accident, but was deliberately organized by the Ukrainian command, which sent the vehicle in the open minefield, to then pass off these deaths as deaths in combat due to firing units of DPR reconaissance. The aim is to justify the granting of new lethal weapons to Ukraine by NATO.

On the DPR side, two defenders of the republic have been killed, including the commander Mamai of the Piatnachka unit, and one soldier was wounded during the last 24 hours.

During the bombing that claimed the life of Commander Mamai, a cameraman and a sound operator of the VGTRK radio and television company who accompanied the famous Russian journalist Alexander Sladkov were injured. Both operators suffered concussion, Alexander Sladkov meanwhile is fine.

On the civilian side, there are three more wounded in Gorlovka, compared to yesterday’s report, bringing the total for the week to one death and eight wounded among civilians.

It only remains to be hoped that the arrival of Alexander Hug in Donetsk will find ways to bring down the tension before the escalation becomes irremediable, and the bloodbath inevitable.

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