Expert: US Military Wants Espionage, Not Cooperation

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The US Navy has launched a research project to understand how Russia and China hide their weapons from reconnaissance drones and satellites, The National Interest has reported. This news has been commented on by Russian military expert Viktor Litovkin.

According to Litovkin, intelligence devices transmit such a high volume of data that only artificial intelligence is capable of analyzing such, but AI is easy to fool. For example, computers can confuse masked Russian tanks with commercial cars. For this reason, the US Navy hopes to understand how to overcome such intelligence glitches.

“The United States undoubtedly wants to know everything about our armaments without giving any information about theirs. They do not comply with the agreement we made with them previously and then they worry about us being able to mask our military objects from North American reconnaissance satellites and drones,” he said

They want Russia to be in the palm of their hand, but they do not plan to share their data with us,”  Viktor Litovkin continued to explain.

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According to Litovkin, the US is completely responsible for the current bellicose tensions between the United States and the Russian Federation.

“We are ready to cooperate with them, but on the principle of equality. If we do not want equal rights, then everything will remain as it is today. We know how to masquerade our military objects very well,” he said confidently when speaking about Russia’s military capabilities.

“The Americans can choose: either cooperate on the principle of equality and respect, or continue to try to devise new ways of obtaining information, which, as they themselves say, brings only relative advantages,” Litovkin concluded.

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