Germany Shows Off New Tanks for “Containing Russia”

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The German newspaper Die Welt recently released information on the “reborn” Leopard 2 tank with the latest А7V modifications, which is supposed to “contain Russia.”

According to the newspaper, the new combat vehicles have the same name as the German tank “monster” A7V, which participated in World War I and became the first German tank of series production.

“The tanks changed the war forever and allowed Hitler to quickly conquer [territories] in the first years of World War 2. The Tigers and Panthers were considered the most powerful armaments of the Wehrmacht [German armed forces during the Third Reich between 1935 and 1945],” the newspaper writes.

Currently, amdist the tense state of relations between Berlin and Moscow, showing off tanks is evidently gaining popularity again.

“NATO is vigorously armed, and the national defense of member countries and the protection of the Alliance are at the heart of its policy, as it was in the Cold War era. Today German tanks are positioned in the Baltic countries to contain Russia“, the newspaper said.

The return of tank forces is compelling the European Union to modernize its roads, bridges and railways .

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“The aim of these actions is to create possibilities for the faster movement of tanks and troops across Europe due to increased tensions in relations with Russia,” the paper suggested.

According to the newspaper’s report, the modernized tanks are fully computerized.

A Leopard 2 А7V weighs 60 tons and can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h. It is a veritable “mobile computer,” the paper says. Its technology can calculate the flight paths of projectiles and the vehicle can operate in night vision mode and with thermal imaging.

Earlier, however, another German magazine reported that more than half of the German Bundeswehr’s Leopard 2 tanks are not ready for operation. According to the story, the Bundeswehr has 244 tanks of this type, but only 95 of them are in full combat readiness.

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