GRAPHIC: ISIS Explodes Head of SAA Captive in Gruesome Display of Salafist Terror


YARMOUK, Syria – At the Yarmouk Camp ISIS just executed a Syrian army officer, Shadi Issa, in the most gruesome way, by placing explosives in his helmet & throwing him from the rooftop of a building. Up until now,
MSM baels ISIS in Yarmouk as “refugees” under the assault of the “Assad” regime, even though civilians have by and large evacuated the area, as government forces battle it out with NATO and gulf-state financed proxies who operate under an alphabet of various names. Those civilians remaining have generally been forced to stay for any number of reasons, ranging from providing sex work, to manual labor, and clean-up. Young boys, with no interest in Salafism per se, are often forced to work as messengers, sprinting from area to area with hand-written notes to various unit commanders, in situations where radio silence must be observed.  Their older family members would have to pay a blood tax of some kind if the boy, for instance, decided to run away.

The terrorists of the Daesh organization displayed a new method of executing a prisoner by turning him into a bomb. They carried out the brutal, ghastly execution in the Yarmouk camp in Syria, where they tied the prisoner with ropes and held him on a wooden plank while keeping his head upright.

The perpetrators of the execution, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, placed explosives in a helmet, they placed on the head of the prisoner, and installed a valve to detonate the bomb, which has become fixed in the head area.

The pictures published by the British newspaper, were sent to them by to  “Daesh”. We see the collapse of the prisoner on his head after being thrown from a building, when the bomb detonates exploding the helmet, and tearing apart the head of the captive.

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These are among the many reasons that average Syrians oppose the foreign intervention of the Gulf monarchies and the Western Powers, even if before the outbreak of hostilities they had voted for any of Syria’s opposition parties in the parliament. The war on Syria has driven Syrians to support their government unconditionally, something which western strategists charged with the dismembering of Syria failed to consider as a viable response.

Some readers may not react well to what they are seeing. We’d remind those to recall that ignoring reality doesn’t make it go away; these photos are not disrespectful to the family of the deceased for the world should know that the soldier was martyred fighting these forces of destruction and murder. We think that sometimes we need small and daily reminders about what’s at stake and why the Assad ‘regime’ has never backed down, and has called for the support of Iran and Russia to stop the spread of Salafist terrorism and extremism.

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