Health problems for Trump? Is there a cover up?

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The testimony of Donald Trump’s physician in New York, which was published by the Republican campaign in 2015, and asserted that the tycoon would become “the healthiest man ever elected in the US presidency” was in fact dictated by the candidate himself, Harold Bornstein said on Tuesday.

“He wrote the whole letter. I did not write this opinion,” Bornstein told CNN’s television network. He reiterated the claim in a separate interview later in an NBC News. The White House did not respond immediately when a comment was requested from the Reuters news agency about the new version of the facts given by the doctor.

Bornstein, who notes that he was watching Trump since 1980, allegedly was the writer of the rhetoric that he had made then, after mentioning, among other things, that the results of the medical examinations he had submitted were “only positive”, that the results of the laboratory tests were “incredibly excellent,” that “his physical strength and stamina” was “terrific” before he concluded that “if Trump is elected, I can say with no doubt that he will be the healthiest person to be elected president. ”

Bornstein told NBC News that “the healthiest” was probably “black humor.”

Trump reads the letter while his doctor and wife were driving in Central Park, Bornstein told CNN. The Trump campaign gave the supposed medical opinion in public in December 2015.

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Trump “dictated” and “told him what he could not put” in the text, he said.

Before making this claim, Borstein complained that he had written the report himself, but hastily and while considering other patients. He changed the version of the events after complaining that a former Trump bodyguard, Keh Skylar, raided his office and took the medical history of Trump after the estate tycoon was elected to the presidency. White House spokeswoman Sarah Hakabi Sanders told reporters on Tuesday that the recovery of Trump’s history from the doctor was part of a “standardized procedure” and that the material was in the possession of the “medical unit” of the US presidency.

Asked if this “procedure” was a raid, Hakabi Sanders replied “no, from what I have come to know”.

Translated from Hellas Journal.

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