Intolerance between Serbia and Croatia continues

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BELGRADE, Serbia – Tensions between Serbia and Croatia continue to rise. Croatian officials, with ambiguous and spiteful comments, are trying to provoke Serbia, which affects not only the relations of these two countries, but threatens to endanger stability in the region as well. Intolerance between Serbia and Croatia was provoked by  Croatia when they banned Serbian minister Aleksandar Vulin from entering Croatia in order to visit the concentration camp Jasenovac, to mark the anniversary of the liberation of the camp in WWII.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic thinks that the word “war” is not good to use in any way – diplomatic or other, and told Serbia that, as he said, ”we are not the same in this story, we were never the same and will not be in the future”.


Plenkovic commented on the statement by Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic that “if Croatia wants a diplomatic war, they will have diplomatic war”, saying that “this is not the rhetoric that should be used.”
“The use of the word war, whether diplomatic or otherwise, is not good” Plenkovic said, who also claims that “no one from Croatia gave statements like Aleksandar Vulin gave”.
The Croatian prime minister also said that no one from the Croatian Parliament has desecrated the Serbian flag and claims that this is “not possible”.

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“The option that we are equal does not stand. We are not in the same story, we were not even in the 90’s and we will not be in the future” Plenkovic said, adding that Croatia already “clearly withdrew its moves “.
Plenkovic, after the celebration of the military-police action ‘Bljesak’ in Okucani, in which 23,000 Serbs were ethnically cleansed from western Slavonia 23 years ago and nearly 1,000 killed or missing, said that he had not yet spoken to the President of Croatia about reciprocal measures towards Serbia, after which it was announced by Belgrade that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Damir Krsticevic, is undesirable.
“When did we, as a government, use relations with Serbia as an argument in internal political bickering?” Plenkovic asked, reminding journalists that “I can not remember it “.


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