“Invading Russia a nightmare for any attacker”, Swedish media


There are countries which if invaded ”would be a nightmare” for any would-be attacking army, Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet has claimed. The list includes Russia as well as Switzerland and New Zealand.

Anyone who comes up with the idea of ​​invading Russia has to be prepared for action under any conditions: mountains, impassable marshes, frozen tundra, riotous rivers and dark forests without ceasing, the newspaper highlights. It also indicated that the Russians, who participated in the last two great wars, have acquired vast experience in the defense of their territory. This was seen with the Nazis failing to invade the Soviet Union and the socialist union eventually winning the war on the European front by reaching Berlin before the US and UK.

Military action in Switzerland will be hampered by the country’s unique position: it is surrounded by the Alps and, thanks to this, has been able to avoid invasions for many centuries. Although the Swiss army numbers only 150,000 men, in the country there are four million civilians ready to go to war if necessary.

The invasion of New Zealand is labeled by the daily newspaper as a “logistical nightmare.” This island country lies at a distance of 1,600 kilometers from the nearest continent – Australia, while the distance separating it from Asia and the rest of the world is even greater. The landing in New Zealand of troops and their equipment seems almost impossible, summarizes the media.

However, Russian neighbors believe that the Eurasian giant has the potential to invade their states.

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Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki claimed in January that the main threat facing his country is Russia.

“I think that what Russia is doing in Ukraine is very dangerous. We have discussed with our partners in the European Union and the US, including here in Davos, how we can deal with this threat,” said the prime minister in Polish newspaper Politico at the beginning of the year.

“What can happen in the case of war in Donbass when the Russian army goes to the interior of Ukraine? Of course we do not know this, we hope, however, that it is not directed, but it is better to have a second and a third line defense than to run out of this weapon,” added Morawiecki.

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