Israel to double soldiers near Gaza and West Bank ahead of US embassy transfer


TEL AVIV – The Israeli army announced on Saturday that it will double its combat units around the occupied Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank to deal with possible Palestinian demonstrations against the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem on Monday .

Three infantry brigades will be mobilized as reinforcements next week, two of them around Gaza and one in the West Bank, which will nearly double the number of combat troops, an army spokesman told reporters. Israel said on Saturday it was closing the Kerem Shalom terminal on its border with the Gaza Strip, a day after violent protests by Palestinians late on Friday. The place is a place through which the trucks that transport goods between the two regions must pass.

“The crossing will remain closed until the damage caused by the riot is repaired. It will be reopened depending on the assessment of the situation,” the Israeli army said in a statement. The exceptions will be only for humanitarian emergencies, analyzed individually.

According to Israeli officials, the protests have damaged pipelines, and the main gas line is not working. “Mats used for grains, food and livestock have suffered damage to the electrical structure. Fences, light poles and chambers have also been affected,” the statement said.

“Israel and many countries around the world are working to deliver food and fuel to the citizens of Gaza, but this is hampered by actions by the Hamas terrorist group, which is responsible for everything happening in the region,” the statement said.

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