Kuchma, first president of Ukraine, says country slipping into a wild west

"Now I want to say that we are very quickly today turning into a territory where nothing works"

Leonid Kuchma
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Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma said today that Ukraine is rapidly slipping from an independent state to a territory full of lawlessness.

“Earlier, for a decade I said of Ukraine’s independence, I said that Ukraine was in my opinion established as an independent state. Now I want to say that we are very quickly today turning into a territory where nothing works, neither Constitution, nor laws,” he said.

Kuchma reminded the government that it is necessary to follow the provisions of the existing Constitution in order to understand what changes need to be made in it.

Earlier today Kuchma chided the Ukrainian authorities for short-sightedness and populism. He also noted that Groisman’s government and President Poroshenko are leading the country to economic collapse.

“We must always think about tomorrow, and not as many of the politicians do, just striving to make themselves great,” he said.

The ex-president as an example cited the actions of the current leadership of Ukraine in the energy sector. He added that he regrets the blockade of Donbass, which is unprofitable for Ukraine.

“Here we are buying coal in the Republic of South Africa and America. Have we become too rich?” he said.

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Kuchma also recalled the crisis in the oil and gas sector.

“I do not want to talk about gas, about what we have done. We are now promised a piece of pipe to fill with gas. But, even for technological purposes, it is not enough after the commissioning of the South Stream II. The country is rapidly moving towards an empty gas pipe,” Kuchma said, recalling that the equipment was worn out on the Ukrainian hydraulic system.

We recall that in April, Verkhovna Rada deputy Murayev said that Ukraine’s current political course could lead to the disintegration of the country.

Let’s note, the participants of the “Maidan” 2013-2014, disappointed in the outcome of the “revolution of dignity” got price increases and gay parades in the cities instead of what they allegedly stood in the central square of Kiev for. This was stated by a spokeswoman for the banned in Russia extremist organization “The Right Sector” * Kotsko, speaking at a rally in front of the Cabinet.

Recall that in February, the creator of the punitive battalion “Azov” *, Deputy Biletsky urged Ukrainian Nazis to utterly destroy the regime of Poroshenko.

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