LIES! Ukraine admits to ‘fake-news’ over murdered journalist


KIEV, Ukraine – Is this wonder-journalist just back from the dead? Russian journalist and Putin critic who was ‘killed’ in Ukraine has just turned up alive, and it’s been made public by Ukrainian authorities themselves this his supposed death was outright faked. To be clear, Ukrainian authorities lied to international media, the public, and their audience at large, for reasons quite difficult to find credible, given the media environment we are in.

As FRN previously reported, Arkady Babchenko, 41, had been reported  shot dead in his home in Ukraine, according to Ukrainian authorities. International media began instantly to publish Russia’s official comments, that they would want a full and public investigation.

While this is always the normal route, Russia would naturally be especially diligent about such claims coming from openly hostile countries like Ukraine, given the western media treatment over the Skripal case, which proved to be something in between a false flag and an outright hoax.

But before those masters of western diplomacy could make something of this at the UN, the Russian journalist turned up alive at a news conference today.  The Ukrainian Security Service apparently were faced with an embarrassing reality – that Babchenko was alive, and proceeded to explain that they simply ‘faked his death to catch those trying to kill him’.

Babchenko was supposedly found by his wife in his apartment covered in blood with bullet wounds in his back. Yet today, the Ukrainian authorities claim that his wife did not know there was any other story to this, and this raises big questions all around.

“The incident occurred on Nikolsko-Slobodskaya Street, Dnieper district, in the capital. Line 102 received a message from doctors: a woman called and said she found her husband covered in blood in the apartment,” the Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported.

“The dead person is a Russian citizen born in 1977, who is the anchor of a TV channel,” the statement said, “The victim died from the injuries inflicted to his back.”

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Now it turns out – officially – that the Ukrainian Interior Ministry’s own statements were false. In a stunning revelation, perhaps egged on by a threat from Russian intelligence to blow the lid on the story,

Vasily Gritsak, head of the Ukrainian Security Service, told the news conference that his agency had faked Babchenko’s death in order to allegedly ”catch those who were trying to kill him.”

Kiev and national police had said Babchenko, was shot multiple times in the back at his apartment building and found bleeding by his wife. This turns out to be entirely false.

Ukrainian authorities were quick to blame Russia’s ‘totalitarian machine’ for his murder, which Moscow was reasonable to have denied, especially now that there is no victim at all.

FRN’s coverage from yesterday can be read here:


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