Macron chillingly warns that US withdrawal from Iran deal could unleash a war

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PARIS, France – Warnings were made to US President Donald Trump by French President Emmanuel Macron who talked about the risk of war.

Speaking of the consequences of a US withdrawal from the nuclear program agreement, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, has sent the American president a dramatic warning:

“We would open the Pandora’s box. The result could be a war,” said the French president in the German magazine Der Spiegel, adding:

“I do not think Donald Trump wants war.”

The US president has announced that he will make his decision known by May 12th.

White House sources reported to Reuters that it has decided to withdraw the US from the deal, despite pressure from France and Britain not to do so, but it is not yet clear how this will happen.

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The issue involved Trumps telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Theresa May, while he would also dominate Boris Johnson’s two-day visit to Washington with US officials.

Earlier, the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, warned that if the US were to withdraw from the agreement “they will regret it as never before.”

It must also reminded that on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, will welcome the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Kremlin and the Iran issue is expected to dominate conversation.

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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