Media reveals NATO’s worst Russian nightmare

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According to The National Interest magazine, NATO’s worst nightmare is “Kaliningrad being armed to the teeth.”

The magazine explains that the Russian missiles and navy, positioned in the region, significantly reduce the area of ​​action of aggressive US and European troops. However, the biggest threat comes from the Iskander-M missile system, which can carry out targeted attacks against naval targets in Poland and the Baltic.

The magazine adds that NATO does not currently have sufficient capabilities to deal with Russian troops.
In addition to the land-based missiles, Russia is able to use the Aerospace Force with the Kh-55 and Kh-101 cruise missiles, for which there is no exact information, however, the magazine explains that such weapons can reach any target in Poland.

Also in Kaliningrad is a large contingent of the Russian Navy, including 21630 artillery corvettes, with vertical launchers from the UKSK ZR-14 system for eight Kalibr missiles, tested in anti-terror operations in Syria. These ships, as well as two 877 project submarines, increase the power of Russia’s preemptive strike against an aggressor, and as already emphasized, has been used against terrorist forces operating in Syria, and in which have been mostly defeated now.

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Furthermore, the magazine talks about a number of other ships that will be employed in anti-aircraft, anti-submarine and surface defense. These are a destroyer of the 956 project, two Neustrashimy patrol vessels, four project corvettes 20380, four small missile vessels of project 1234, as well as seven missile launches of project 1241.

In conclusion, The National Interest writes that the NATO countries around Kaliningrad do not have the capacity to deal with Russian troops stationed in the region and in case of war the situation in the Baltic will be advantageous for Russia. Despite this fact this has not stopped the US from stationing more troops in eastern Europe in what can be interpreted as an aggressive act.

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