Metastatic war-criminal McCain promotes Total War with Russia in new book


The United States should attack Russia in retaliation for all its electoral interference, John McCain argued in a new book. The Republican senator has an “excellent” track record when it comes to reselling pre-emptive attacks based on dubious allegations.

McCain, a veteran US politician who represents Arizona, wrote a new book, The Restless Wave, which is due out on May 22. In it, the Tomahawk missile lover calls for a tougher approach for Russia, and for the US to embrace its role as the world’s cop.

In his book, McCain writes that he is anxious to “make [Russian President Vladimir] Putin deeply lament his attack on the founding of our democracy,” while hiding quotes or footnotes with much regard to his incendiary claim.

“We also have cybernetic capabilities,” says McCain in his book. “They should be used to expose the epic scale of their regime’s corruption or to embarrass [Putin] in other ways.”

McCain, who is 81 and suffering from brain cancer, announced last month that he will not seek re-election after his current term ends, but will continue to give his opinion on US policy from the outside.

“I am freer than the colleagues who will face the voters again,” he said, “and I can speak my mind without much fear for the consequences.

Apparently, McCain is unaware he has been speaking freely about the bombing in the Middle East for the past 15 years, without consequences. He can speak openly about bombarding distant lands that he sometimes even sings about happily.

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John McCain wanted to bomb Syria before other Western states started humming the same tune. And he was always the patron saint of the non-existant “moderate rebels.”

The senator repeatedly lobbied for the “rebels” to receive US military aid, and called for cruise missile attacks on the legitimate government of the Arab country.

In Libya, he also praised the “heroic” actions of anti-government rebels, many of whom were in fact linked to the al-Qaeda terrorist network. As in Syria, McCain called for military aid for the rebels and cruise missile attacks on government targets.

Syria is now in the seventh year of a bloody conflict between civilians and foreign jihadistss, and Libya has been a failed state and a center of the modern slave trade ever since its rule was overthrown.

Later, McCain pressed and supported the US and Afghanistan wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that claimed the lives of thousands of civilians.

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