Moscow Demands Swift Investigation into Murder of Russian Journalist in Kiev

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Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko was found dead on Tuesday at his apartment in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev.

Moscow has demanded that Kiev conduct a swift investigation into the murder of the Russian citizen after he was found dead in the Ukrainian capital on Tuesday.

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry confirmed the journalist’s death earlier in the day.

“We are demanding that the Ukrainian authorities do everything possible to conduct the investigation quickly,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement posted on Facebook.

Moscow also called on international organizations and relevant non-governmental organizations to help with the investigation.

Russian diplomats have drawn attention to the fact that media professionals in Ukraine are increasingly threatened with physical violence and murder, and those guilty have never been punished.

Babchenko was found by his wife in his apartment covered in blood with bullet wounds in his back.

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“The incident occurred on Nikolsko-Slobodskaya Street, Dnieper district, in the capital. Line 102 received a message from doctors: a woman called and said she found her husband covered in blood in the apartment,” the Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported.

“The dead person is a Russian citizen born in 1977, who is the anchor of a TV channel,” the statement said, “The victim died from the injuries inflicted to his back.”

According to the statement, the police went to the scene to find out the facts of the crime.

Russia’s Human Rights Council has condemned the killing and has demanded that Kiev conduct a full investigation. In addition, the Russian investigative committee has initiated criminal proceedings over the murder of the journalist.

So far there are no suggestions or indications as to who could be responsible for the murder. Kiev has yet to respond to the Russian demand for a swift investigation on the murder.

This latest case is a symptom of two major problems: the lack of rule of law in Ukraine, and Western media disinformation. Since the Maidan coup in Ukraine in 2014, numerous critical journalists have been murdered for their opinions in what has become a lawless state ruled by ‘nationalist’ gangs and a highly repressive security apparatus which justifies its operations with the claim that it is at war with Russia. Secondly, mainstream Western media have repeatedly insinuated that Moscow is behind Babchenko’s killing since the latter was a known Kremlin critic. Moscow’s call for an investigation into the incident is likely to be ignored or downplayed by Ukrainian and Western media as an inconvenient fact. 

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