Neither the English in the Falklands, nor Israel in Palestine

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – The sense of multipolarity must be perpetually reaffirmed, so that we can secure the consolidation of a broad international front of unceasing combat to the unipolar hegemony of the Atlantean powers.

The national interests of the various subjugated peoples of the world join in the need for resistance. Regardless of the continent, religion or ideology, the subjugation of peoples to unipolarity overlaps.

In this sense, we must align all on the same barricades. The project of Greater Israel and the occupation of strategic positions in the South Atlantic, despite the essential differences, share the same globalist logic.

The solipsism of small nationalisms must give way to an authentic internationalism, based on the internationally coordinated defense of the interests of ethnic identities and national communities in the face of the avalanche of the unipolar project.

That is why we are unconditionally firm in supporting the Argentine cause of the Malvinas and the Palestinian cause in the struggle for their motherland.

The massacres of young Muslims and Christians of Palestine by Israel, using even explosive bullets, continue to intensify. And closer here, the Argentine people celebrate the martyrs of their heroic deed in the Malvinas, while their government bows to the pretensions of foreign economic, geopolitical, cultural and even territorial interests.

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It is necessary, as has already been classically said by Che Guevara, to create two, three, or one thousand Vietnams, to transform every point of conflict between our forces and the forces of Atlantic unipolarity in a Vietnam, as has already been done in Yemen, Syria and also Donbass. It is now necessary to spread these Vietnams through to Libya, Iraq, all over Europe, Latin America or any other place where there are bases or enemy troops.

The moral and material exhaustion of the Atlantean powers is already felt. The pseudo-empire of New Carthage, headquartered in Washington, collapses. If we can spread the fires in its peripheries, the colossus of clay will fall for good. No chance to return.

We will return!

Translated from Nova Resistencia.

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