OFFICIAL: Serbia will never recognize Kosovo

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BELGRADE – The present Serbian position by the country’s constitution, is that Kosovo and Metohija is an integral part of Serbia. The EU placed conditions informally but very concretely that Serbia must recognize independence of Kosovo if it expects to join the EU. Serbia is trying to split the policy so it can enter the EU. But because Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia and this is within the Serbian constitution, therefore any such change would require the change of the constitution which is politically nonviable. Over 70% of the Serbian population opposes recognizing Kosovo and Metohija as an independent state, and the question is situated high in importance for Serbians, meaning that the attempt by any such government to do so would result in extraordinary political instability.

The only reason that Kosovo considers itself an independent state is that, while in fact it is nothing more than the southern region of Serbia, it is under NATO occupation; they have installed a puppet Albanian ethno-nationalist government, which does not recognize the ethnic cleansing of Serbs from that region, which led to the present demographic reality.

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said today “Serbia will never recognize Kosovo. We want a compromise solution”  and stated that it would be a great success if a compromise would be reached soon because Kosovo is “within the reach of its independence.” The evidence for this is the fact that the Kosovo and Metohija puppet Albanian government is working on forming a Kosovo and Metohija military and they are taking their last steps in achieving that goal.

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“Even if that would mean that there will be no membership in the EU, Serbia can not accept a unilateral act of Kosovo”, Dacic stated.

The head of the Serbian foreign ministry questioned, “What will happen if there is an attack in the north of Kosovo? Are we all ready to react and participate?”. Even if the people are, the risk is very high because defending Serbs and Serbian interests in Kosovo means attacking NATO, given that at this time Kosovo and Metohija are under NATO occupation.



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