Palestine Paradigm: The Perverse Victimhood of Bloody Occupiers

The repulsive self-pity of the powerful
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I don’t often write about “Israel”/Palestine because it’s just such a clear-cut case of right and wrong that it almost seems like an unnecessary effort. I mean, it’s just about the only global issue that even the Western Left gets right, if you exclude one or two marginal Trotskyist sects and that segment of the Anarchist movement that worships the ground that Alexander Reid Ross walks on.

We’re talking about old-school colonialism and occupation on a land where the indigenous population not only still exists, but is almost as numerous as their occupiers and are slated to outnumber them in only a few years time.

The repulsive self-pity of the oppressors

This is a no-brainer, right? Well, you might think so, but the fact of the matter is that the “Israeli” project is so tied into the global Atlanticist power structure that facts and reality are rarely allowed to enter the picture. Honestly, this must be the only conflict in the history of the world where the occupied and oppressed and those who advocate for them and fight on their behalf are told that they have to go, hat in hand, to the very people who are occupying and oppressing them and ask them what language is or is not okay for them to use, how they should or should not fight back, what the acceptable and permissible boundaries of discourse and struggle are, and, most important of all, what they can personally do to not offend the oh-so delicate and fragile sensibilities of their oppressors.

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As anyone who knows me knows to be true, there are few things on this earth that I find more repulsive and nauseating than the self-pity of the powerful, and the conflict over Palestine is, once again, the most clear-cut case of this on display for the entire world to see.

So even as “the most moral army in the world” is busy shooting over 500 unarmed Palestinians in the head, demolishing medical facilities in Hebron, segregating Arab and Jewish women in maternity wards, killing 112 Palestinian protesters on the Gaza border, beating prisoners to death, and making life in Gaza an absolute living hell, we have their relatives and servants in the western media, foreign policy establishment, and halls of power talking about how all the slaughter and brutality is really “good” for the Palestinians, how Israel is engaged in the “legitimate defense of its own border against terrorist attacks,” how the situation in Gaza is really not all that bad and that everyday life there is better than in many parts of the world, and “LOOK OUT! THEY’RE COMING RIGHT FOR US!!!”

In retrospect, “repulsed” is actually a pretty mild word for what any decent, normal, human being should feel when confronted with all of this.

Not that any of this matters. So long as the Resistance bloc exists, and so long as the “Israelis” continue doing what they’ve always done, that land will return to its rightful, displaced people sooner rather than later, and all the exercises in political power and curbing of speech and dissent in the West will amount to naught.

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