Peculiar billboards appear around Crimea

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Ukrainian volunteers have installed 20 unusual billboards on the border with the Crimea, which indirectly call for the capture of the peninsula. The Kiev blogger Anton Hodza, who wrote about it on his Facebook account, made an appeal: “We do not forget our history, maybe someone forgot, maybe someone did not know…”

As the blogger explained, the posters are dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the “liberation campaign” of the Crimea. It is about the so-called Crimean operation of 1918, during which a group of troops of the Ukrainian People’s Republic under the command of Colonel Peter Bolbochan tried to overthrow Soviet power and take Simferopol. However, the operation was unsuccessful.

The billboard reads” “A hundred years ago, Colonel Bolbochan did it, and today we can too.”

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This is either satire or a remarkable fail to appeal to a historical precedent that didn’t actually achieve its purpose.

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