Poland shamed as Europeans join Night Wolves rally to Berlin


The historical events of 1945 are commemorated by the “Victory Road” campaign which has traditionally been done by bikers – but on the border with Poland they had to change the route. The group was banned from traveling across the country – only Polish citizens were allowed to pass. Why?

The Night Wolves cruised along the ‘roads of Victory.’ The annual motocross to Berlin has become a  tradition. On the other side, on the Polish side, like-minded people are prepared for local motorcyclists to join them. The actions of the “Night Wolves” are becoming more popular among Europeans every year. And it seems that the memory of the Great Patriotic War is reborn with renewed vigor.

“We have already arrived at the border with Poland and I want to thank all the motorcyclists who are waiting for us on the other side, these are our friends from the Polish friendly HOG club, they are just motorcyclists, people, like-minded people who came here especially to meet us, and support us in the memory of what we are doing, “- says the head of the action”Roads of Victory”Alexander Zaldostanov.

And only the Polish border guards saw a problem to the peaceful campaign. Even citizens of the EU countries also could not enter the territory of Poland. The criteria was to remove symbolism from the motorcycles but the bikers refused.

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And as experts say, such a position of the Polish authorities is quite expected. The country is actively fighting  historical heritage. Monuments to Soviet soldiers are crumbling, textbooks of history are being rewritten. And those who are trying to convey to the young generation real historical facts, automatically fall into the ranks of criminals. Such is the European democracy.

However, no matter how hard Warsaw tries, every year the bikers still reach Berlin. After all, by its actions Poland only contributes to the increase of its popularity among Europeans. They are outraged and in support of the “Wolves” and the memory of the Great Patriotic War, many are already joining the rally on the territory of the EU.

Source Vesti
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