Propaganda Poll: Only 5% of Americans Consider Russia ‘Friendly’

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According to a Politico and Morning Consult poll, only a tiny fraction of American voters consider Russia a friendly nation to the United States, while more than a third consider it an enemy, a newly released poll has revealed.

Just 5 percent of US voters said they considered Russia a “friend” of the United States, while 21 percent said the country was “friendly but not an ally.” Meanwhile, 32% of respondents said they considered Russia a “hostile” country, while 2% said they considered Russia “an enemy” with 14% saying they had no opinion, according to the survey.

Only North Korea and Iran are considered less friendly than Russia, with only 2% of US voters saying they consider these countries allies.

France, Germany and the UK did better among US voters, with 55%, 42% and 65%, respectively, saying they considered these countries as friends.

Almost a quarter of US voters – 23 percent – responded that they believe that US relations with Russia are “very close,” while 23 percent said relations were “right” and 32 percent said ties “are not close enough”.

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The survey interviewed 1,993 registered voters between May 17 and May 22 with a margin of error of 2%.

The distrust between the US and Russia seems to be mutual, as shown in a recent survey in which most Russians responded that they believe that the US government is meddling in Russian politics, while 69 percent of Americans said the same about Russian interference in Russia.

Back in April, Lieutenant General Yevgeny Buzhinsky, a former Russian Defense Ministry official, shared with the US newspaper The National Interest his views on a potential conflict between Russia and the United States. The general believes that the current situation in relations between Russia and the West is more dangerous than in the Cold War era.

“During the Cold War, everything was clear: there was an ideological confrontation, but there were certain truths, certain limits that could not be overcome, no threats, no sanctions,” Buzhinsky said.

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