Putin’s true intentions revealed in epic speech


The Russian President Vladimir Putin captivated audiences, opening his heart to all of Russia, during his inauguration ceremony. He candidly explained that his life’s purpose is to fight for Russia.  He needed it to be known that he is determined “to do everything possible for the well-being of the country.”

The head of state stressed that he was aware of the “colossal responsibility to the people and Russia.”

“I assure that the purpose of my life and work will be, as before, serving the people. I consider it my duty and the meaning of my life to do everything for Russia, for its present and future – peaceful and prosperous, for the preservation and continuation of our great people, for well-being in every Russian family,” the president said during the ceremony.

Putin thanked the Russians for the high level of support provided in the presidential elections in March, understanding that his authority stems from the Russian people, and the Russian people alone.

“I consider it a huge political capital and a reliable moral support, this support is the belief and hope that Russia will continue to strengthen its power and our people will live better.” Such support is also important for defending our positions on the international arena and for decisive actions for the sake of positive changes within the country,” the head of state noted.

The president recognized and explained that Russia must get behind the entire sphere of support for entrepreneurs, scientists and creative people. In pursuing this goal, Putin is counting on “new ideas and approaches to our youth, on their ability to become the real leaders of change.”

“The fact that young people will be faithful to the values ​​of truth and justice, which our older generations carried through their whole life, their knowledge, wisdom, experience of mentors will certainly be in demand with our young people,” he stressed.

The leader of the Russian Federation also intends to pay special attention to the support of traditional family values, motherhood and childhood. Russia has in place today, a number of pro-natal policies aimed at reversing the demographic crisis which the Russian Federation confronted when millions died prematurely from curable diseases, and millions more fled abroad in the wake of the collapse of the USSR. Putin has described the collapse of the USSR as the greatest geopolitical calamity of the 20th century. He emphasized the importance of families and the traditions of community.

“It is for them, our children, to build up our country further, to achieve even greater successes than their parents, to respect and continue the history of our Fatherland,” declared the president.

About five thousand people attended the ceremony at the Grand Kremlin Palace today.

A brief time-line of Putin’s role in leading Russia:

1952: Born 7 October in Leningrad (now St Petersburg), Russia’s second city, studies law and joins KGB secret police, serving as spy in communist East Germany

1990’s: After serving as top aide to mayor of St Petersburg, enters Boris Yeltsin’s Kremlin in 1997, where he is made chief of the FSB (the KGB’s successor)

1999: Appointed prime minister, becomes acting president upon Yeltsin’s resignation

2000: Elected president and serves two four-year terms

2008: Barred from running for a third consecutive term, stuns analysts by returning to post of prime minister while his protege Dmitry Medvedev becomes president

2012: Re-elected president and for term of six years, under new law

2018: Re-elected for fourth term

Source Ruposters
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